2021 Lady Fukry Jersey Top - Race Cut


These Giordana racing kits are the pinnacle of kit perfection! I really love this cut better than all of the other kits I own. Built from their Vero Forma line, these super lightweight fabric kits are breathable, flexible, and stay put where you need them to. 

This bad-ass creation was a collaboration between our team and the Giordana design staff who helped us piece together a few inspirational pieces to develop this chalk-based, starry-cloud look. With a team as loud as this one, you can expect nothing less than us slapping our name front and center in our new signature font. 

These pieces can be purchased together or separately. Orders will be taken over the next month and placed at the same time. Expect a 4 week waiting period to get our kits shipped back to us. 

Sizing Options

Check your size by using a fabric measuring tape and comparing your body size to Giordana's Sizing Chart. If you are unsure, message us for some clarification. The tops fit loosely on most people and the bottoms are snug, so most of us went up one size. 

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